State Employees Credit Union Routing Number

What Is The Routing Number Of State Employees Credit Union Bank?

Hello friends!! Are you looking for State Employees Credit Union Routing Number? Then you are at the correct destination. SECU Bank is located in North Carolina state. SECU Routing Number is the number of nine digits. A routing number is must required for every Online Money Transaction. Every financial transaction needed Routing Number. RN is also valid for all financial transfers. Let’s look at the following articles, you will find here more information.

All Banks Routing Numbers Are Same?

No, all banks Routing Numbers are not same. All banks routing number are different. How to find Routing Number? There are multiple ways for finding your Bank Routing Number but you can easily find with your cheque. For the location of the routing number in the cheque, see left side in the bottom.

State employee union bank

What Is The Use Of Bank Routing Number?

  • Online Financial Transaction
  • Money Transfer
  • Direct Deposit
  • Wire Transfer

 Routing Number Of State Employees Credit Union

 253177049 Raleigh 1000 Wade Avenue,

North Carolina

(888) 732-8562

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